Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diana & Minh Engaged!

A few weeks ago, I did an engagement shoot with Diana and Minh over at Ko Olina! It makes a world of a difference when the couple is very open-minded, and Diana and Minh were exactly that. During the shoot, they ducked under trees, climbed over rocks, and waded through the water so that we could get our shots :)

In the usual Isle Media fashion, Alan was also there to build footage for the wedding video, so we were able to bounce ideas off each other throughout the shoot. The weather was perfect, the sunset was beautiful (typical Ko Olina), and we even had an unexpected visitor drop by on the sand :)

Happy Tuesday!


P.S Something to note for future brides who want to do an e-session with us: Diana had her make up trial session right before our shoot (her idea), so she was able to make the most of her make up :)

We were very fortunate to see a honu relaxing on the sand at Paradise Cove! Of course, being from Cali, Diana and Minh were thrilled, so we had to get a photo of them with the honu somehow :)

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