Sunday, December 18, 2011

Leanne & Joe Married!

11/11/11, Leanne and Joe started their new life as a new wife and husband, and mom and dad for their adorable 4 kids plus a baby they are about to welcome to this world. This was my first time to take wedding photos for a mom-to-be, and I remember when I asked Leanne to adore her bump for a bride's shot, she showed me the sweetest smile in the world to her baby. The most impressive thing about Leanne was that her eyes were so sparkly and I could tell how excited she was starting a new life. I also enjoyed capturing different faces of the groom Joe - starting from his tough-guy fighting pose with his best man, sweet smiles when he was with Leanne, tears at the ceremony, being a very funny speaker at the reception… The Isle Media team really enjoyed working with them, and wishes for the best happiness for the newly weds!

p.s., Isle Media was referred to work at this wedding from our former clients, Shandell and Stacy. Both of them were at the wedding for Leanne and Joe, and it was very nice to see them there! Thank you Shandelle and Stacy for choosing to recommend Isle Media! 

Now, please enjoy the pictures by clicking "Read More"! ~ Kay


  1. Thank You Kay for your amazing work!

  2. and the entire isle media team :) Mahaloz!

  3. Big Big Mahaloz from Isle Media too :-)