Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy First Birthday Jaden!!


   One of the reasons why I love working as a photographer in Hawaii is that I can experience different cultures. I heard in Hawaii, people celebrate baby's first birthday very big, and it is called "Keiki" party! In Japanese, "Keiki" means "cake" so I thought it was a perfect double meaning since in Hawaiian, Keiki means "kids".

   November 19 Saturday, Jaden had his first birthday cerebrated by his lovely parents, Sunshine and Tio, and lots of friends and families. Throughout the day, I could see how much Sunshine and Tio love their special one. Their smiles were so charming, and they made me want to become a parent like them! I hope in the future, Jaden will see these photos and feel that he is truly loved by his parents and everybody around him. 

   Now, please enjoy the pictures by clicking "Read more"!  ~Kay

The birthday theme was baby Micky! All the decorations were very very cute! Good job Sunshine and Tio :-)

Sunshine, Tio, and Jaden welcomed every guest at the entrance. "Jadeeeeen~! Look at the camera~!! Cheese!"

"Aloha~! Let the party get started!"

Jaden showed the nicest smile when he was in his grandpa's arms!

Sunshine and Tio enjoyed Jaden's video from Isle Media! He was super cute :-) Click here to watch the video!

"I liked my video too! Clap clap clap!"

Jaden's godparents were there to celebrate his first birthday. "Happy birthday!"

... and wished for Jaden's growth and happy life.

Jaden was practicing how to show his age with his finger. "I am one year old!"

"Happy birthday Jadeeeen! Make a wish!"

"Mmm! Yum cupcake!"

"Group picture!! Cheeeeeese!"

"Thank you everybody for coming to Jaden's 1st birthday!"

"I loved my birthday! Thank you Mommy and Daddy :D"

Isle Media team, Alan and Jack (video) and I, Kay, (photo) had fun working with the family. Mahalo~!

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