Thursday, September 1, 2011

So we've been busy. : )

Just want to give a rundown on the updates that you should all be expecting from us soon:

- Bio's for all of the Isle Media crew members. Oh, there's 6 of us now. :)
- Isle Media Compilation Reel (Will be up within 24 hrs)

Within the next week:

-Teaser trailer for Sheri + Mario Wedding
-Facepainting by Color Whims Promo

Within two weeks:
-Full Wedding Highlights Shayna+Malkum
-Teaser trailer of Lynnette+Kim Wedding

Within three weeks:
-Aubree's 1st Birthday Highlights
-revamped photographer portfolio
-hair/make-up portfolio by Natalaya

Oh and we have 6 weddings in September.


Isle Media greatly appreciates you!

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