Monday, December 2, 2013

Charity and Brad Married! (Moli'i Gardens, Kaneohe)

When people say we live on a small island, it really is true! This was one of the rare occasions where I happen to know every single person in the bridal party, EXCEPT Brad and Charity! It does sure help when you do have some rapport already with the people that you will be spending the entire day with. But what was memorable was the stormy skies and dark clouds that loomed rather ominously overhead. Scary! It rained....and it poured! But right when the ceremony was about to begin the clouds miraculously parted and the rained stopped (and then it started up again once the ceremony was over, lol). But at least we had a dry ceremony!
Congratulations Charity and Brad!
Photography // Reese, Lester
Videography // Travis, Alan, Rhoda (SDE)

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