Saturday, August 10, 2013

Marie and Maurice Wedding Highlights (Lanikuhonua, Koolina)

Being there and being an integral part of Marie and Maurice's wedding day was special because it was the most intimate setting that I have personally ever been in for a wedding. Alan and I was there with them at every step of the way when we trekked from Turtle Bay, to Giovanni's shrimp truck for lunch where Maurice got to tag their initials on the truck and were given a funnel cake and a bracelet by one of the pop up shops near by. Afterwards we had a spur of the moment photo shoot in front of Crawford's Convalescent Home and finally made our way to Lanikohonua to make things official for these two. What made it most special was the fact that this wedding was an adventure not just for Marie and Maurice but for us as well and for that they will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you Marie and Maurice for letting us witness your special day.
Photography/Blog: Lester (
Videography: Alan & Jack
Hair & Make Up: Meileen

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