Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Elisa and Jason Married!

One of the wonderful aspects of shooting weddings is that we get to step into the lives and cultures of our couples. In Elisa and Jason's case, their Cantonese and Mandarin traditions shined through, from the tea ceremonies, to the "games" that Jason had to pass before he could bring Elisa over to his family's house. The fact that we got to spend the entire day with the couple and their families gave us the opportunity to really take in the cultural voice of this special group. Elisa and Jason got married at the Luau Gardens at the Hale Koa, and decked out their venue with an elegant royal blue and yellow theme, with much attention to details. The reception was a blast, starting off with each bridal party member strolling onto the stage, singing to a favorite song that represented them. A dance-off competition for the guests, and emotional speeches rounded out the evening, with everyone cheering, crying, and anything in between throughout the night.

Elisa and Jason wanted to make sure everyone had fun at their wedding, and all we can say is you guys definitely accomplished that! Congratulations!

--Meileen, Zairrah (hair/make-up)
--Reese (photography, blog) // Lester (photography)
--Jack, Kyle (videography) // Alan (SDE)   <- click to watch their wedding video highlights!

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