Monday, October 29, 2012

Denise & Richard Married!

We had an opportunity to take pictures of Denise & Richard from New Jersey at Secret Beach in Ko Olina! They found us through our partner wedding coordinator, Lissa Wilson :-) When I got to the beach and waiting for the couple to arrive, a lady came to me and gave me four pieces of coral that looked like the letters of L, O, V and E! I thanked her and took a picture for Denise and Richard, to show that the Hawaii beach is cerebrating their wedding day!

After exchanging their vows, the couple had a Sand Ceremony - in which you use two different colored sand from two different locations, and make layers into one bottle... just like two people meet and melt into one. At the end, they sealed their ceremony with throwing the blessed stones into the ocean. It was wonderful to share the day with Denise and of wishes to you both!

- Kay (photography + blog)
- Lester (photography)

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  1. Wow! i really enjoy watching all of your photos here and both of you so romantic. Congratulations both of you, a happy couple :)

    Kind regards,
    Boracay Wedding

  2. Aloha Kian,

    Thank you very much for your kind comment and I am happy to know that you found our blog from the Philippines! It was such a beautiful wedding and I was very lucky to be their photographer :-)