Monday, December 17, 2012

Alison and Todd Married!!

Alison and Todd's wedding took place at the beautiful Moli'i Gardens, out on the windward side. This was our first time shooting at that venue, and we were definitely blown away by everything it had to offer! From a sweeping view of Secret Island and the surrounding fishpond, to a high tree canopy over the ceremony, to an intimate reception area nestled on the side of the slopes, this place didn't disappoint :)

This wedding was thought out remarkably well. There was tons of artistic elements, like paper cranes, photo montages of Alison and Todd, and even clothes-lines so guests could display their photo booth photos! There was an awesome band that played a great mix of dancing music, and the food had everyone going back for seconds. What was even more amazing was that Alison planned this all by herself. How she did it, I have no idea, but everything turned out amazing! 

Oh, and did I mention the people at this wedding knew how to have a good time? The speeches were some of the best I've ever heard, and there was no shortage of dancing on the dance floor :)

-Reese (photography, blog), Kay (photography)
-Michael & Glenn (videography)
-Zairrah & Meileen (hair/makeup)

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  1. Thanks Isle Media for capturing some of the most memorable moments of our wedding! We love the great candid shots & how you included all the little details that made it unique and special.

    Everyone (Zairrah, Meileen, Reese, Kay, Glenn and Mike) was so positive and helpful. Your discreet style allowed us to relax & enjoy our wedding without feeling like we were being photographed and filmed.

    Thanks also to Tanioka's for catering the best food, PhotoBooth Hawaii, Sunway Hawaii for jamming out & to all our family and friends for making it the best day ever!

    ---Alison and Todd