Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun Fun Photo Tour!

     Sumie and Hiroaki decided to take their pre-wedding pictures while they were visiting Hawaii! They came over from Japan to spend their time together as boyfriend & girlfriend one last time... since they are getting married in the end of the month back in Japan :-) They had an idea of taking pictures in Hawaii-y places in the wedding outfit. My phone rang one afternoon, and Sumie told me that Isle Media was referred by the hotel concierge where they were staying at. They did not have anything besides their great fun personality - no dress or tax, or transportation. My suggestion was - let's rent the outfit out, and I would drive you around and take fun pictures in beautiful locations you would love! So we went to Waikiki city center, Magic Island, and Waimanalo.

     Our 3.5 hour session went by so fast, and I was so happy to take their pictures! They were just merely happy to be each other. I didn't even have to ask them to smile at each other :D Love and laughter were everywhere around them. It was such a fun fun photo tour!  ~ Kay

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Photographer: Kay

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