Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kaylee & Loren Married!

On 11/11/11, Isle Media was double booked for weddings, so we split up: one team shot a wedding on Oahu, while the other team shot a wedding on Maui. Jeff and I were the Maui team, and flew into Kahalui at 5:30AM. And of course I fell asleep on the plane and missed a wonderful sunrise lol.

Talk about an unforgettable day! Nothing prepared me for a crazy drive on muddy, steep, unpaved roads (in our rental car) between three venues, pouring rain that cleared up for the ceremony (followed by a rainbow), a huge flock of doves that responded to the minister's whistle, and of course, an awesome awesome wedding couple!

Kaylee is one of the coolest brides I've ever met. Aside from chowing down on Fruit Loops while getting ready, and having blinged out wedding sandals that matched her phone and ring, Kaylee broke the record in my book for most candid smiles and laughter  in her wedding photos! Loren and Kaylee both have a great sense of humor, and you'll see their personalities in the formals at the end of this post :)

This wedding was a little different for me, because the photography coverage was only needed up to the formals after the ceremony. The reception took place at a favorite shrimp restaurant of the couple, where I'm sure Kaylee out-ate Loren (she's got a HUGE appetite). Anyways, enough blabbering from me. Enjoy!


Kaylee's blinged-out phone :)

It's pretty hard to tell from this photo, but it was POURING rain when I shot this image at the first venue. 

I couldn't believe it, when 15 minutes before the ceremony, the sky cleared up, and a rainbow came out!

You don't see this everyday :)

My first wedding with doves in the basket!! 

I've never seen a bride laugh or smile as much as Kaylee during the ceremony :D

Me: okay guys, hold on, let me get set up. Alright, when I count to three, you're gonna open--
Kaylee & Loren: *opens basket*
Doves: we're freeeeeeee!!!
Kaylee: GAHHHHH!!!!
Me: oh shit *clicks and holds down shutter* --> click click click click click click
Me: I got it!!! hahahaha Kaylee you have the best expression ever!
Kaylee & Loren: *comes over to see camera screen*
Kaylee & Loren: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Loren REALLY wanted to do this boot-the-bride shot (reminds me of the movie 300 hahaha). And it was perfect, since there was a 200 foot cliff in front of Kaylee lol 

Kaylee had an evil laugh when she did this :)
Had to do something with that awesome veil :D

No joke, I felt like we were in an adventure film from Steven Spielberg while we were driving between the venues. This photo (on the way to the last venue) doesn't do any of it justice, but a lot of the roads were unpaved, muddy, windy and narrow, not to mention there were some hills that I was kind of apprehensive of driving down, for fear of not being able to go back up haha. But all this just made the wedding that much more unforgettable! 

Loren decided to drop by when Kaylee and I were shooting her bridal portraits. He climbed to the second floor of the venue just to say Hi :)

Kaylee requested this ring shot. The creative gears were turning, so I decided to do a couple more set ups.

cause rain was part of the wedding day hehe 

And...had to show the wedding bling! Thanks for reading! :D


  1. I was so thrilled to have booked Isle Media to be a part of my wedding day. Jeef and Reese were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were so easy going it made the whole day go extremly smooth. I absolutely can't stop looking at the gorgeous photograhs. I LOVE them!!! I'm sure I will love the video just as much too!!

  2. Kaylee and Loren get married! Lorens father and I were at the wedding and WOW, these photos are great! Your pictures are so very representative of what we actually saw - and the composition of your photos is extraordinary. Most important, you truly captured the 'flavor' of the day (the rain, the fruit loops, the setting). We see Kaylee and Loren's spontaneous and happy personalities in every shot! We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Debbie